LAQUA 200 series

Horiba has launched a range of versatile handheld meters. The series is called LAQUA 200 and is designed for use in the water and wastewater industry, environmental monitoring, agriculture, food and bevarage and manufacturing sectors.

10 different meters including multi-parameters

The 200-series includes 10 meters, all of which are sturdy and easy to use. The models in the series measure water quality including pH, electrical conductivity (EC), dissolved oxygen (DO), oxidation reduction potential (ORP) and total dissolved solids (TDS). There are meters available for each parameter. The LAQUA 200 series also includes multi-parameters.

Parameter-specific models in the LAQUA 00 series includes PH210 and PH220 meters, which measure pH levels in the range of 2 to 16 and OPR in the range +/- 2000 mV, EC 210 and EC220, which measure conductivity up to 200mS/cm (k=1,0) set TDS up to 100ppt (TDS factor=0,5), resistance and salt content, DO210 and DO220, measuring DO up to 20,00 mg/l.

The LAQUA 200 series also includes PC210, OC220, PD210 and PD220, which are multi-parameters and can measure two, more or all the above parameters; i.e. pH, ORP, EC, TDS, Do, resistance and salt content. All meters in the series also measure the temperature in the range -30 to 130 °C.

Data transfer possible

Data is stored in sets, where a set includes details about device, data, time, state of (i.e., the measurement parameter) and test results. Depending on the model, up to 1000 data sets can be stores, and for all models ata transfer is possible via USB and printing through RS-232.

Compact and robust meters

With a weight of 216 g (excl. battery weight) the LAQUA 200 series is portable. All models are ergonomic, lightweight and compact in design (slightly larger than the average smartphone), thus ensuring user comfort, even when used for long periods.

All meters in the series have a large, scratch-resistant backlit LCD with a white LED for easy viewing. The meters in the series are robust, waterproof (rate at IP 67) and have a battery capaity that supports more than 500 hours of operation.

See the catalog and the different models here

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