Work with the soil to revitalize

That’s the way it is. Simple and without excuses. Living soil.

Living soil is known, among other things, in a rich selection of microflora that keeps it going. There is a lot of worms and fungi in the soil. The living soil is mild and warm, and it drains well, but also keeps well on water for the dry periods. It provides nourishment to the crop and is easy to process.

Keep the soil alive and in balance, so your cooperation with the soil becomes more fun and easier.

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The soil needs care, we all know that.

If the soil is fed continuously with nutrients in the right quantities, you ensure optimal conditions for the crop. It may lack nitrogen, but also both micro and macro minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, boron, copper or manganese. Maybe it should also be harrowed, plowed or aerated.

It depends entirely on what you want out of your cooperation with the soil.

It is necessary to know the starting point

Start with an analysis and go for a walk in the field with the spade.

Read more about our Albrecht soil analyzes here

See you in the field!

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