The best solution for the job

Grassland maintenance equipment, stubble management, slurry application, weed control or equipment for reduced soil treatment – Get the best solution for your needs.

Here you get the best products, for a long-lasting and durable execution.



Strong and reliable  machines – custommade

Grassland maintenance

Supplier of machines for grassland, Evers Agro, manufactures to order and takes pride in that the machines are optimally adapted to your needs.

Standard grassland aerators are made in widths of 3, 5, 6, 8 and 9 meters – see them here. Get them delivered with extra weights, extra rear-facing towbar for attaching the roller, combined with subsoilers or whatever suits you.

Grasslandsubsoilers in 2- 7 tine models. Se the full range here. They come standard with shear-bolts, but are also delivered with hydraulic stone release which is suitable for fields with different soil types or many stones.

Sowing, rolling, harrowing the grass fields ensures a long and productive life of the field. See the range of GrassProfi here. Available in 3 and 6 meter width, with Cambridge or Pictor roller, with grass seeding equipment, extra harrow tines and levelling boards. Can be connected after grass aerator (6m) and ensure maximum utilization.


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