Stimulation of the soil with fermentation products

The microbial activity in the soil not only determines the conversion of organic material into the soil, but also has a major impact on the ability of the plants to absorb the nutrients in the soil and which we want to supply.

The combination that  microbiological preparations and microbial nutrients are used in several parts of Europe today, to ensure health and rapid development of the soil. In this connection, it is important to use high quality products in the fermentation as well as to ensure a high level of hygiene in order to control the process.

The basic elements of the propagation of the products are molasses and seaweed as well as salt. In addition, other products may have a simulating effect on the process.

Molasses should be of the sugar cane type and should not be subjected to dilution or other subsequent treatment. We have chosen a high quality Thai sugarcane molasses. For many years, we have had good experiences with stable quality and good feedback on usability, as well as the results in the use of this molasses. We offer it in 1000 liter IBC containers, occasionally in smaller portions. Our molasses is organic, but can be obtained conventionally as desired.

We are also able to deliver different starter cultures, such as Biosa from Norway or Ürkultur from Germany. Which one you want to use is individual, but we gladly give advice if there is any need for it. When purchasing culture from us, detailed guidance is included in the propagation process.

You need this

We recommend that the following equipment is available for use in propagating cultures.

  • Suitable size tank
    • IBC container can be used, but check what it previously has been used for and clean it thoroughly. If you are working on a larger production, we recommend investing in a conical tank that is easier to empty and clean.
    • Vortex Brewer can be used but without air.
  • Room with heat or tank insulated with hot supply.
  • Ph meter to follow the development of the ferment. This is a must!! We sell Horiba pH meter.
  • Thermometer to follow the development of the ferment, we recommend electric thermometers.

For application, it is important that the equipment used is suitable for microbial application and that it can be cleaned thoroughly after use. Be aware of what the container has been used for before and that they are properly cleaned, otherwise you risk damaging its fermented culture.

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