LAQUAtwin WQ-300 series


Up to 35 combinations with one meter

Horiba has just launched this new line of portable water quality meters, the LAQUA 300 series.

The LAQUA 300 series is the most sophisticated of the LAQUA series to date. The combination of smart sensor technology with GLP compliant IP67 waterproof meter, scalable color LCD and WIFI or USB communication.

The smart sensor technology allows us to give you up to 35 combinations with only one meter.


Consists of three different meters

The LAQUA 300 series consists of three meters, delivered in suitcase with battery and quick guide.

WQ-310: simple meter, one sensor can be connected

WQ-320: dual meter, two sensors can be connected.

WQ-330: triple meter, three sensors can be connected.

The sensors are made of two parts; a sensor head and a sensor cartridge, and calibration solutions are not included, these need to be ordered as separate items.

The sensors for LAQUA 300 series are sold as kits for measuring pH, EC, DO, ION, ORP.


See link to brochure here

Watch video presentation on YouTube here



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