Measurement of pH and humidity in the soil

Our pH meter make it easy for you to test the pH and humidity in the soil and allow you to test the many different locations of the soil in a short time. It is an effective tool to know the condition of the soil and it allows you to work on a soil in balance. The pH meter allows you to control during the process and ensure that it goes the right way.

pH is an important factor in the productivity of agricultural land. If the soil is too acidic or alkaline, it will affect both the quality and quantity of the crops. The pH must be properly balanced so that the plants can absorb soil nutrients over the root juice. The same applies to the absorption of minerals and trace elements.

In addition, the microorganisms in the soil are extremely dependent on a particular pH. The various microorganisms are adapted to particular pH values and will not be able to live or function at values further from their optimum.

Our pH meter is easy to use and is just plugged into the ground, and the result can be read after a short time. The change between pH and humidity occurs quickly by pressing the button on the side.

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