January 2020

LAQUAtwin NO3- quickly and accurately measures the content of nitrate in plants

This handy pocket meter measures the nitrate concentration in liquids, solids and powders.  The user only needs to drip a few drops of the sample on the sensor for a quick result. It is not necessary to dilute or prepare the sample in advance.

  • Minimum sample volume: 0,3 ml, 0,05 ml with sample sheet
  • Automatic calibration function recognizes standards and can be selected for either 1-point or 2-point calibrations.
  • IP67- classification
  • 400 hours of battery life: continuous use without backlight
  • Replaceable sensor
  • Warranty: 2 years for the meter, 6 months on sensor

Read more about measuring equipment from Horiba on our website here

Video of use can be viewed on YouTube here

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