April 2019

The Plant nutrient of the day!


Boron is normally present as H3BO3/B(OH)3. Deficiency of Boron can be critical in most plant types and this will influence both quality and yield. Boron is important for the growing cells and the reproductive cells. Deficiency of Boron will have a large influence in the cell walls, and through this the stability of the cell walls and membranes, thus has an important influence on the transport of carbohydrates. Boron is also essential in the growing hormones of the plants and is through this, an important part of all growing processes of the plants, from sprouting to the leaves. A deficiency of Boron will possibly increase the risk of sucking insects. Boron is also a part of the nitrogen fixations in Rhizobium.


When applying Boron as Boron Acid (17,5%) be aware that this is highly water soluble, so if you overdose the Boron will be washed out.

Therefore, use small amounts often or a special slow release product.

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